Nails & More…

Manicures & Pedicures

Give yourself an extra treat, and indulge in our manicure and pedicure services. We offer classic manicures and pedicures, to help keep your hands and feet in perfect form! Our experienced staff uses only the highest quality products to adorn and protect your nails.
Our customized nail services have been created with you in mind! We offer traditional services, as well as express versions for those that are on the go. Add an express nail service onto your haircut or color appointment, or stop by on a lunch break.
All of our manicure and pedicure services include cuticle grooming and nail shaping, a massage and polish.
Cake Hair Salon proudly caries OPI Nail Polish. OPI is one of the most admired and respected brands in the nail industry. Their collection is always classic, and always on trend!

OPI Gel Color

You can add an OPI Gel Color service to any manicure and/or pedicure. Gel Color is an amazing line that includes iconic OPI shades, lasts for weeks, cures in 30 seconds, and has intense shine!
Facial Waxing-
We also offer facial waxing. Have one of our perfectionist staff members shape your brows, or remove any unsightly facial hair to keep you looking your best.


Have a Cake makeup artist do a full makeup application, or just a touch up. Add a little special something to accentuate your beautiful eyes, amazing cheekbones, or gorgeous lips!
Whether you are looking for a little, or a lot; our talented staff will be excited to help you show off your beauty. Any applications come with hot tips, suggestions, and other knowledge on makeup applications to help you apply like a real pro!

Cake Hair Salon proudly carries Mirabella Makeup products.

Mirabella is a luxury mineral based makeup brand that showcases the best that technology and beauty have to offer. The line chooses ingredients that will have your skin thanking you long term! Mirabella focuses on products that are talc-free, paraben-free, lead-free, and FD&C/DC dye free.

Pressed mineral powder foundation is one of their staples. It is infused with natural vitamins and minerals that offer anti-aging properties.

In addition to using the right ingredients, Mirabella showcases colors that are always ahead of fashion, and always on trend!

See your Cake stylist for more information on what Mirabella Makeup has to offer!

Hair Treatments

We know that you put your hair through a lot. Daily styling and hot tools can create mechanical damage. Chemicals can also take their toll.

Here at Cake, we believe that hair treatments are the icing on the Cake! What is a cake without the icing? Treatments are your insurance policy on your hair. They will keep your hair protected, and ready for whatever comes.


Redken Chemistry is an in-salon service that we customize for your hair needs. A deep conditioning, intense in-salon treatment can help repair distressed hair. Your Stylist can customize a treatment for you that can improve your hair in several ways… increase the strength of your hair, repair chemical or mechanical damage (like from blow dryers or flat irons), make dry hair soft again or unruly, frizzy hair more smooth.

Request a treatment at your next visit!
Your hair will love you for it!