About Cake Hair Salon

If you think about all of the words used to describe most hair colors, or make-up colors, they are almost always foods! From the deepest of chocolate brown through raspberry reds and strawberry blondes, into caramel tones, honey, and buttery blondes, they are all foods! The names themselves stimulate more than one of your senses, and add excitement! So we thought to ourselves, why not name the salon the same way? The name is short and sweet (no pun intended!) It is a name that you will never forget, and after your first visit, you will see that our salon is as irresistible as the dessert it is named after!

About Us | Cake Hair Salon - Salt Lake City, UT

In opening Cake Hair Salon, our vision was to create a fun boutique style salon where everyone could be comfortable.

Our welcoming staff is always ready to answer any questions that you may have, and to help you in every way that they can.
The salon specializes in looks that are the perfect balance of professional and edgy. Our goal is to ensure that every guest has a versatile look that will fit in perfectly in any professional situation, but also has a signature edge that you will be excited to show off. We believe that your hair is your most important accessory. When it looks amazing, you feel amazing!

About Us | Cake Hair Salon - Salt Lake City, UT

All of our stylists at Cake Hair Salon are passionate about constantly continuing their education.

They stay up to date on all of the latest trends in cuts, colors, and finishing. Their thorough knowledge and mastery of their craft empowers them to create the perfect, individualized look that every salon guest needs.

About Us | Cake Hair Salon - Salt Lake City, UT

We know that the most important part of every salon visit is for our guests to be able to recreate the look at home.

Every service that we offer comes with a complementary consultation. This consultation allows us to gain a better understanding of each person, and their needs. We ask questions about your desired results, styling routine, and maintenance needs, to determine the best type of look for you.
Each service that we offer includes recommendations and styling advice along with product suggestions so that you can recreate your look perfectly every day.